About NOCS

Our support work is done largely through the medium of games, a pastime that is particularly attractive and enjoyable to our community. These include card games and board games, such as Magic: The Gathering, skirmish games involving miniatures, such as Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar, and role-playing games, e.g. Dungeons & Dragons ‘D&D’. The games are carefully sequenced at NOCS to support the progressive development of social skills and confidence. For MORE about Gaming and Social Skills click here

NOCS is fully inclusive. Membership is free and open to everyone from the age of 10 upwards.

We are a newly registered charity with the good fortune to be building on the proven success and track record of Noc’s Box, a popular games shop and drop-in in Blandford, set up in 2014 by Nocturin Lacey-Clarke (‘Noc’). For MORE about NOCS Roots click here

“Noc’s Box is a jewel…a small space that delivers massive support.”

The clubs and drop-in at Noc’s Box outgrew their small space, which only held 12 people max at any one time. So NOCS charity was set up by a group of supporters, including parents and carers who have seen first-hand the life-changing outcomes that the clubs deliver.  We recently moved to larger premises in Blandford Forum that mean that we can happily accommodate the enormous number of visits a week to the clubs and drop-in. We can now accommodate everyone who wants to join and who needs support.

Our aim is to continue to grow NOCS in larger premises to support more people. And through research to evidence the pivotal role that the games play in developing social skills, so that others can replicate it.

gaming group at NOCS