August’s Pick of the Month – Everdell

Hot or cold, sun or rain – under the Ever Tree is the place to be.

Everdell is a 1-4 player game about creating a flourishing town for all the critters in Everdell Valley. This strategy game is fantastic for families ages 14+ as an evening of gaming lasting around 60-80 minuets.

You are the leader of your group tasked with building a town! You will use your team of workers to fetch supplies for the up and coming projects. First we’ll talk about the multiplayer game play and get into the solo adventure a little later!

The game is split into 3 seasons, spring, summer and autumn each season granting a little bonus such as more workers or supplies to collect from your established buildings. The person with the most points from their town wins, so make sure you get all the supplies you need as soon as possible!

So we know we need points, and the aim is to build a town, but how do we do that? Well, at the start of the game each player is given random cards that have buildings or people on them, (such as the ‘Farm’, or ‘Farmers Wife’) each player gets a certain number of these cards since players who are last would otherwise have a disadvantage, it goes like this:

  • Player 1 gets 5 cards
  • Player 2 gets 6 cards
  • Player 3 gets 7 cards
  • Player 4 gets 8 cards

Each card has points ranging from 0-5 these are untimely totalled at the end of the game to find out the winner. The end of the game happens when each player can no longer perform any actions by the end of the last season, so play wisely!

But those are only some of the rules and story for the multiplayer game, what about solo? Enter Rugwort, the old rat king, complete with rat ruffians. With this solo adventures Rugwort will visit every year for 3 years with each year is its own game. Each year gradually getting harder in difficulty. All three years aren’t suppose to be played all at once, but hey, we’re not going to stop you! The aim for all three is to get more points then Rugwort but using his special rules of how he plays in the back of the manual. Can you stop Rugwort taking over the valley?

Everdell has absolutely gorgeous illustrations, from the individual cards, to the tree stand the adorable little wooden critters and even the material tokens! This is definitely one that will catch your eye and give you a great and relaxing night in!

But it doesn’t just stop with ol’ Everdell, there are 3 great expansions to add to this already awesome game:

  • Spirecrest – Far from Everdell in mysterious and uncharted lands!
  • Pearlbrook – Following the ever flowing river to a lake filled with peals!
  • Bellfaire – A celebration to commiserate 100 years since the founding of Everdell!

Each expansion bringing all new exciting things to the forest, critters, buildings, supplies and fun!

Which of the critters would you like to be? Mouse, squirrel, hedgehog or tortoise? Let us know on our Facebook page, Twitter or Instagram. Don’t forget to follow for all the latest news!