Clubs and Activities

CoVid19 Update

We are CoVid19 aware, ready trained.  You can choose whether or not you want to wear a mask and thanks to the National Lottery, our hand washing facilities provide contactless soap and tear off towels.


Opening Hours are as follows:

Mondays 10am – 3pm

Tuesdays 10am – 3pm

Wednesdays 10am – 10pm

Thursdays 10am – 8pm

Fridays 10am – 3pm

Saturdays 10am – 5pm

What’s Available?

Skirmish Gaming Tables – but to be sure of being able to use one please book first. Don’t forget to ask about our campaigns!

Card games, board and miniature games are all still up and running and there is usually a place available at most tables.

The Quiet Room is used for RPG games during club times but can be used for any other activities at any other time.

Volunteers!  We have an amazing team of volunteers so if you want to learn/try/have a game just let us know (01258 480218) and we will do our best to set you up with one of the volunteers, Fran or Noc.   (All of our volunteers have successfully completed Level 2 safeguarding training.  The GM (Noc) and Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) have successfully completed Level 3 Safeguarding training.  You can download our Safeguarding Policy here.)

There’s always a warm friendly welcome for new people wanting to attend our  clubs. If the thought of coming along feels daunting, let us know and we’ll do our very best to help. Sometimes coming with a family member or friend can help.  Gamers looking to drop in are welcome.

Click here to watch Noc explain why he set up Noc’s Box»


Below is a general picture of NOCS’ activities.

A range of weekly clubs open to all.

A typical week is:

  • Drop in Monday – Saturday for gaming, painting, modelling, chatting, learning new games etc…
  • Wednesday 4-6pm – After School D&D a role-play club for the younger generation.  Young gamers can enjoy D&D, card games and board games.
  • Wednesday 6:00-10pm – 16+ Gaming
  • Thursday 4-8pm – Gaming for All
  • Saturday 1-5pm – Group Gaming, all welcome. Young gamers can enjoy skirmish games.

Several of the groups have a relatively high representation of members with ASD or other needs.

There is no charge for the clubs but if you want to help toward costs there is a charity collection box.  Alternatively  you are welcome to donate through our Just Giving link. We aim to ensure that no one is unable to attend through an inability to pay. Events, such as tournaments, are charged as reasonably as possible to cover costs of materials.

A well-attended drop-in centre

Currently open 6 days a week, with facilities to socialise and develop friendships, and where information can be accessed on local services and support with job seeking. There is always someone there to talk or enjoy games with, or simply build and paint your models.

Our space currently allows us to support a large range of people and activities for which we can offer thanks to the support of the National Lottery Community Fund, The Alice Ellen Cooper Dean, The Valentine Trust, The Casey Trust and others

Volunteering and employment opportunities

Several of our people work as volunteers at the drop-in and clubs. Noc’s Box offers work experience for some members. NOCS Charity intends to do more of this. Now that we have larger premises we are thrilled to be able to offer more volunteering opportunities.  We are proud to say we have worked with the Duke of Edinburgh Award Team, local schools and groups helping those currently not in education, training or work (NEETs) and are happy to signpost if needed.

Outreach work in the community

There is a substantial need and demand for our services, especially in our rural area and at a time of widespread service cuts. Current resources severely limit our ability to offer much-needed outreach. Our plan is to do more of this as funds permit, initially by building on our relationships with local schools and as a potential provider of day services to the community.


Perhaps surprisingly, no research has been undertaken into the link between games playing and the development of social skills among those with ASD and associated difficulties, although it is well known anecdotally that games tend to appeal to this community.  We have seen the benefits clearly and repeatedly, and one of NOCS Charity’s objectives is to promote systematic research into the benefits of gaming for those with social needs. We hope to develop a model of how this link operates that can be replicated by other supporters in this field.

Anyone interested in supporting this research is invited to get in touch.

Support NOCS

We are looking for people to help with:

Planning and running local fundraising events.

Marketing and PR

Researching funders and preparing bids.

If you have any time spare to help NOCS grow and support more people please contact us now


“James is a highly intelligent boy who had very limited social contacts and found interacting with others difficult.  At the point at which he first made contact with NOCS he had developed an enthusiasm for games and gaming but was unable to locate other players.  Within weeks of first attending NOCS he was interacting confidently with a range of people of all ages. By finding a common topic of interest in which he had a well-developed knowledge, he found he could interact on equal terms with others and became comfortable both seeking and providing advice. The confidence he found in these interactions developed his general level of confidence and so his interactions in non-game related contexts.  Through NOCS James has developed a broad based social network, enhanced social skills and self-confidence.”
Miniatures gaming at NOCS
A miniatures gaming session underway