Games You Should Try While Quarantined

Being quarantined can be hellish! Whether you’re stuck doing work or with the kids, you should all find some time to relax and enjoy your time while playing something a bit different and new!
Dungeons and Dragons
Let your imagination run wild as you tackle monsters, quest and just generally adventure around the world! We won’t keep you long on this one since you can find our blog on Dungeons and Dragons Pick of the Month (For March), as well as our Bonus Pick on our blogs page.

Keeping with the social distancing you can play Dungeons and Dragons through voice chatting, or through online apps such as Roll20.

Magic the Gathering!
Looking at getting into card games? Although there are many, many different card games you could try we’d recommend Magic the Gathering. This is because they’re the most user friendly when it comes to learning, thousands of guides online as well as people who love to teach this beloved game!

A bonus to this is you don’t have to buy cards to start playing! The creators have developed an online game, Magic the Gathering Arena, complete with tutorials and free cards (from the latest sets). If you enjoy Magic, we strongly recommend you to visit us in the shop to expand your horizons!

Other card game alternatives include: Hearthstone, Eternal, Legends of Runeterra, Yu-gi-oh! Duel Links and Pokémon.

Ticket to Ride
An absolute classic and a perfect game to pick up and play without much set up. Ticket to ride lasts between 30-60 minutes and there can be 2-5 players, enough for a medium family and even couples!

The game is about you claiming train lines to score points, both through your objective and the length of your train line! Be sure to use cunning tactics to get all your required lines whilst stopping the others.

If you want a closer to home styled board you can get the Ticket to Ride: United Kingdom expansion pack!

Throw Throw Burrito!
If you have kids (and the energy!) this could be the game for you! Throw Throw Burrito is a game about tagging the other players by quite literally throwing the cute little burrito at them.

This all out burrito war will definitely have you laughing and loving this little guy, but don’t let that fool you, this is a great game to play with the whole family and even friends (if they’re allowed over!).

The aim of the game, aside from taking out other players, is to rack up points by making matching 3 of the same type cards!

This was our list of the best games you can play while quarantined, we wanted to have a little for everyone and a wide variety of types from; Pen and paper, card games, board games and higher energy game (just for those the wild ones!). We hope to see you as soon as we can and hope that you stay safe and healthy.

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