July’s Pick of the Month – Forbidden Island

We all want to go on exotic trips right around now, but that requires so much time, money and effort (and let’s not mention the current circumstances!). So this summer we’re deciding to take a trip down to NOCS and pick up something just as exciting, without all the hassle of course and that’s… Forbidden Island!

Forbidden Island is a 2-4 co-cop (Cooperative) game about gathering long lost treasures and returning safely back to civilisation with said treasure. The best part about Forbidden Island is how fast you can set it up and also the speed that you can learn all the rules, not to mention the replay value since every island is bound to be different!

Each member of the team has their own role chosen at randomly out of the 6 at the start of the game, they also have their own special abilities! The roles are:

  • Explorer – May also move diagonally
  • Navigator – May move other players up to 2 adjacent tiles per action.
  • Pilot – May move to any tile once per turn for 1 action.
  • Engineer – May shore up 2 tiles for 1 action.
  • Diver – May move through one or more adjacent missing and/or flooded tiles for 1 action.
  • Messenger – May give cards without having to be on the same tile.

So work together team and be sure to collect all four of the treasures before the island sinks, otherwise you lose! You must collect:

  • The Earth Stone
  • The Statue of the Wind
  • The Crystal of Fire
  • The Ocean’s Chalice

…Before heading back to ‘The Fool’s Landing’ and getting on your helicopter ride home!

Forbidden Island is a fantastic gateway game into board gaming. Fun and easy to play for beginners whilst also being able to up the difficulty for more experienced players! It is also filled with awesome illustrations to really give that unexplored island feeling.

Are island getaways just not your thing? What about Forbidden Desert or even Forbidden Sky! Both with similar rules, but this time with more great places to explore and even more adventure roles with new abilities to shake it up a bit.

So what are you waiting for? Get exploring!

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