NOCS’ Roots

NOCS is building on the proven success of Noc’s Box, a games shop and drop-in/support centre, set up in Blandford in 2014 by Nocturin Lacey-Clarke, known as ‘Noc’.  Click here to visit NOC’s Facebook page›

Noc himself grew up with a range of challenges – he has Asperger’s and Bipolarity – and his aim with Noc’s Box has been to set up an inclusive space, open to all, with a focus on helping people with similar conditions to himself, who often have high anxieties and find social interaction challenging, to develop friendships and life/work skills through the medium of games. (Insert new video )

As a young person Noc spent many a happy hour interacting and playing in the games workshop environment.  He says,

“ …At last I had found a group of people that were like minded, interested in my opinion…  They just accepted me for who I was.  I felt as though I had finally found my niche and was able to be part of a vibrant community.  It really helped me to navigate the minefield that is social interaction and to develop confidence in making friendships. I developed an invaluable set of skills for life that have stood me in good stead through work, study, friendships and even marriage!”

NOCS charity is building on the substantial personal investment that Noc has made in establishing and funding the clubs, the drop-in centre and in growing the current membership. Above all, in delivering positive outcomes for members through his unstinting support. Noc is well known and respected nationally and locally in the games community and is seen as an inspiring role model by our community and their families. As well as being GM of NOCS, he is a town and district Councillor for Blandford Forum, as well as currently being Deputy Mayor.

 “…  From an early age all I really ever wanted to do was to recreate that type of atmosphere to help to make a positive difference to the lives of others with similar difficulties to me.  The understanding about rules and social communication I learned through gaming has been essential to me in understanding society…I waited a long time to be able to open Noc’s Box but it was the realisation of that dream.”

Noc has funded the clubs and services himself for several years, but more funds are needed if the clubs are to continue and to grow to support more people that we can’t currently fit into the small space.  So supporters have established New Opportunities for Community and Support as a registered charity to continue and develop his work, with Noc continuing as GM.

Support NOCS

We are looking for people to help with:

Planning and running local fundraising events.

Marketing and PR

Researching funders and preparing bids.

If you have any time spare to help NOCS grow and support more people please contact us now


“Harry was introduced to the shop by an able relative.  He was a long term NEET, with a range of registered difficulties, including learning and social skills.  He relied on his family for security and acceptance, having very few successful friendships.  He was not happy and had great difficulty in interacting with anyone without causing upset, intruding on personal boundaries and space, or being demeaning. It took some time to help him to accept that there are rules for behaviour when in NOCS, but with patience and the consistency of guidance from Noc and the other members, he started to develop a much more positive approach. Noc took Harry through development of one-to-one games, modelling how to handle losing a  game, gamesmanship etc…  He also made a point of reading out the rules for conduct at the beginning of any tournaments, or times when there may have been increased excitement, as part of the development for Harry. Harry gradually began to build relationships that were positive and became part of the NOCS community, gradually needing the presence of his family less and less.  Now Harry has secured a job, coped with moving away from family and developed his own transport, and is generally much more independent.  He no longer needs NOCS but still drops in from time to time.”