NOCS Warhammer Champions!

There is always something good happening at NOCS’ Saturday Gaming4All Club so make sure you don’t miss out.  You might find Stu running an  RPG whilst Robin runs a skirmish campaign at the same time as Dan is with a group playing MTG Commander…

  OR…                    you might find an amazing hosted Warhammer Champions event!  Everyone that came in on Saturday May the 4th (be with you and a fond farewell on May 3rd to Chewbacca) did.

Many thanks to Kieran MacDonald for taking and donating these amazing photographs and to everyone that gave their permission for us to post the pics!

Also a huge thank you to Play Fusion for sparing their wonderful smiley guy to teach the game and bring lots of goodies!  It was great to see such a mix of ages and a good time was had by all.