Our Supporters

Many thanks to the following for their voluntary support as NOCS began its journey as a charity

Bournemouth University, School of Journalism, English and Communication – for photography and videos

Dan Holbeche – for holding the fort and photography

Dorset Community Action – for advice, training and support with becoming a charity

Game On, Blandford for running a Gamethon fundraiser for us.

Leah Scott for her great artwork

Nelson’s Cheese and Ale House for running Quiz Night fundraisers for us.

Noc and Noc’s Box for creating and continuing to manage, lead and run the groups and activities that embody the charity.

Rosina P for all her support, expertise and guidance with bids for funding.

Shannon Ribbons at Osis Design for this fantastic website and his on going support!

Sharon K for all her support with policies and bids.

Tom Gamwell for redeveloping the Noc’s Box website and social media

TMS for donations

…and our Trustees, of course.

Already there are many other people helping in lots of different ways. THANK YOU – you know who you are!

Support NOCS

We are looking for people to help with:

Planning and running local fundraising events.

Marketing and PR

Researching funders and preparing bids.

If you have any time spare to help NOCS grow and support more people please contact us now


“James is a highly intelligent boy who had very limited social contacts and found interacting with others difficult.  At the point at which he first made contact with NOCS he had developed an enthusiasm for games and gaming but was unable to locate other players.  Within weeks of first attending NOCS he was interacting confidently with a range of people of all ages. By finding a common topic of interest in which he had a well-developed knowledge, he found he could interact on equal terms with others and became comfortable both seeking and providing advice. The confidence he found in these interactions developed his general level of confidence and so his interactions in non-game related contexts.  Through NOCS James has developed a broad based social network, enhanced social skills and self-confidence.”